Helicopter VIP transfer experience from Munich to Fischerei Tegernsee

Char meets caviar at Lake Tegernsee Fly from Munich or another place of your choice to Fischerei Tegernsee by Sennair helicopter.
At the Upper Bavarian Lake Tegernsee, situated 50 km south of Munich and around 20 km north of Tyrol, the lights of the lake’s only fishery are turned on already at half past four in the morning. This is when master fisherman Christoph von Preysing and his team prepare for the day ahead: putting on the oilskin, jumping on the boat, getting out to the lake. Casting new nets and hauling in the ones from the day before. And this whatever the weather. All year round. Some fish caught in Lake Tegernsee is sold or delivered directly to top restaurants and hotels within 70 kilometres – even beyond the national border, like Hendl Fischerei in Salzburgerland for example. Other fish of the morning catch is processed and refined by the young fishermen who turn the fish into salads, spreads or fantastic fish stock. And if the outdoor smoke oven next to the boathouse gives off clouds of smoke early in the morning, then you can look forward to freshly smoked char, trout, whitefish or eel.
Fischerei Tegernsee is also appreciated for its wide range of sea fish which is available at the counter of the shop every week from Wednesday onward: from oysters to wolffish, scallops and spiny lobsters to delicious whole turbot. Fischerei Tegernsee is a firmly established name when it comes to high-quality fish products. Tip: Sample freshly smoked char on site. Best enjoyed with something sparkling.
The fishery also looks after Lake Tegernsee’s fish population. Even if it seems that there is little time left due to the perceived permanent operation of the fishery and fish farm, the fishermen of Lake Tegernsee have still been able to run another top-address business which they added to their portfolio a few years ago: Fischerei Tegernsee Bistro in Bad Wiessee is known far beyond the borders of the Tegernsee Valley. Situated directly at the lake, the morning catch is delivered directly by fishing boat and is turned into the finest of creations. The bistro also serves of course fine specialities of seafood and fish from the sea: fresh oysters, caviar and accompanying selected wines and plenty of champagne.
By the way: In cooperation with our partner Concierge Service Tegernsee, we are able to offer you air service to Lake Tegernsee plus exclusive arrangements at Fischerei Tegernsee, including hotel accommodation.
Fischerei Tegernsee
Telephone: (+49) 8022 15 61

Opening hours:
Tuesday 9 am – 1 pm and 2:30 pm – 6 pm
Wednesday to Friday 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday 9 am – 1 pm

Fischerei Bistro
Überfahrtweg 15
83707 Bad Wiessee
Bookings: (+49) 8022 85 74 95 (Thursday to Sunday)

Opening hours:
Thursday to Sunday 11 am - 5 pm


Concierge Service Tegernsee

Unique experiences with Concierge Service Tegernsee

Our partner Concierge Service Tegernsee aims to provide individual and especially unique experiences for its customers. Thanks to a sophisticated network, the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas. Last-minute VIP tickets for a Champions League match at the Allianz Arena, exclusive Chef’s Table at a star-awarded restaurant or hotel and chalet arrangements in combination with a support programme to your taste. Whatever the customer’s requirements, Concierge Service Tegernsee moves heaven and earth to make the unthinkable thinkable – often also with the flying support of Sennair Helicopter.
You are also well looked after at Concierge Service Tegernsee when it comes to customer care: The entire team is at your disposal before, during and after a booked experience. Discretion guaranteed.
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Hotel and Chalet Concierge
Concierge Service Tegernsee’s network includes exclusive chalets and holiday homes as well as renowned hotels in Munich, at Lake Tegernsee, in Kitzbühel, in Zillertal Valley and even Mykonos. Contact the Concierge Service Tegernsee team and benefit from special quotas when accommodations are officially fully booked already. Tip: Shorten your journey by using Sennair Helicopter!
Other programmes:
Private Concierge: 24/7 VIP support
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Health Concierge: Arrangement and intermediation of preventive health trips
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Mobility Concierge: Premium shuttle services, including Sennair Helicopter

Concierge Service Tegernsee
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Telephone: (+49) 171 33 166 17

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